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Exxon Gas Station in Amherst, VA

The Filling Station offers hot, delicious food on our menu, ice-cold craft beer and includes an Exxon gas station in Amherst, VA. ExxonMobil has been creating excellent fuel products for over 135 years. We are proud to offer their Synergy™ Diesel Efficient™, Synergy™ Regular, Synergy™ Plus, and Synergy™ Supreme fuel and gas near you at The Filling Station.

Exxon Synergy™ Diesel Efficient™ is a product that helps provide more power so you get better mileage in your truck or car. This fuel’s advanced added technology helps with reduced emissions and improved engine performance. The next time you fuel up, come by The Filling Station Exxon gas station in Amherst and get the increased benefits of this diesel.

We also carry Synergy™ Regular, Synergy™ Plus, and Synergy™ Supreme gas at the pumps. Synergy™ gasoline has been designed to help clean up intake valves and boost performance and gas mileage. It’s easy to not think about what goes into your tank when you pump gas. However, if you knew how advantageous fueling up with a quality product would be for your vehicle, you might think twice. So the great thing it’s here at a local place that has gas near you in Amherst.

Synergy™ gasoline at the Exxon gas station in Amherst include:

Solvent fluid

This allows the additive materials to remain blended, flow, and keep from freezing up at especially frigid temperatures.

Anti-adhesion compound

This compound aids in preventing fuel detergents from producing a gummy film on the intake valves, which then aids in preventing cold start difficulties at cold temperatures.


This assists in preventing water from becoming disbursed with our additive in the distribution process and aids in preventing a buildup of water in your fuel tank by enabling it to be divided and deleted.

Corrosion inhibitor

Aids in preventing rust in gas distribution systems and/or crucial engine components the fuel encounters, like the intake valves and gasoline tank.

Marker molecules

These allow us to determine if the appropriate amount of our unique additive is put into our gasoline.

Fuel detergents (1, 2 and 3)

This delivers exceptional cleanliness in port fuel and gas direct injection engines. Cleaner engine components can have the advantage of providing improved gas mileage, engine performance, and engine protection. (Available only in Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline)

Friction modifier

This safeguards your engine by giving a 30% reduction in wear and tear. (Available only in Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline)

Next time you need to fill up, visit us at our gas station in Amherst and get all the advantages of Exxon Synergy™ gasoline. Stay for the delicious food and beer and enjoy the classic feel of this one-time service station near you.

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